23 April 2012

21 LOVE POEMS: On Sale Now!

We're very happy to announce that the latest release from Hell Yes, 21 Love Poems, is now for sale. 

Purchase of the 21 Love Poems cassette also includes a downloadable PDF chapbook of the anthology so you can read along as you listen to our contributors' voices. Contributors include:

Monica Wendel 
Steven Karl 
Dina Hardy 
Scott Abels 
Dustin Luke Nelson 
Tyler Gobble 
MC Hyland 
Patrick Kiley 
Elizabeth Spackman 
David Bartone 
Gregory Lawless 
Ada Limón 
Dan Rosenberg 
Nick Sturm
Alexis Orgera 
Matt Hart 
Jess Grover 
Ryan Collins 
Adam Fell 
Isaac Sullivan 
Masin Persina 

Cost is only $7.00 (including shipping). You can purchase 21 Love Poems via the PayPal button on the right.

14 April 2012