30 December 2011

Call for Submissions

Greetings from Hell Yes. We're reading submissions for our next project: an anthology of love poems on cassette.

Why love poems? Because they never go out of style. Your poems can be pro-, anti-, or ambivalent.

Why a cassette? Because we like art that makes you work a little bit. We like the idea of you scrounging up an old Walkman, sitting in your car, or going to the local library to listen to poets read their poems. In a time when we're all distracted, hopefully this slows us down.

The details: Email us a recording of you reading your poem(s) (via whatever options you have on your computer--e.g., GarageBand) and a copy of the text. We'll do the rest.

Soft deadline: January 16th. Then however long it takes to physically make them.

Send to: hellyespress@gmail.com