13 November 2014

Tim Riggins Going to Press

We're happy to tell you that THE COLLECTED POEMS OF TIM RIGGINS by Nico Alvarado is going to press after some delays. Thanks a lot for sticking with us. If you've pre-ordered a copy or copies we'll throw in a little something extra for being so cool and patient.

10 September 2014


Hey, everyone, happy autumn. We're still here, working on Nico Alvarado's THE COLLECTED POEMS OF TIM RIGGINS. 

Thanks for all the interest and pre-orders. Stay tuned for more updates. We're excited about this one.

21 February 2014

Now Available for Pre-order: Nico Alvarado's THE COLLECTED POEMS OF TIM RIGGINS

Nico Alvarado's new chapbook, The Collected Poems of Tim Riggins, will be available from HYP in Fall 2014. It is available for pre-order now via the PayPal button on the right.

Price: $8.00 (includes shipping)

23 April 2012

21 LOVE POEMS: On Sale Now!

We're very happy to announce that the latest release from Hell Yes, 21 Love Poems, is now for sale. 

Purchase of the 21 Love Poems cassette also includes a downloadable PDF chapbook of the anthology so you can read along as you listen to our contributors' voices. Contributors include:

Monica Wendel 
Steven Karl 
Dina Hardy 
Scott Abels 
Dustin Luke Nelson 
Tyler Gobble 
MC Hyland 
Patrick Kiley 
Elizabeth Spackman 
David Bartone 
Gregory Lawless 
Ada Limón 
Dan Rosenberg 
Nick Sturm
Alexis Orgera 
Matt Hart 
Jess Grover 
Ryan Collins 
Adam Fell 
Isaac Sullivan 
Masin Persina 

Cost is only $7.00 (including shipping). You can purchase 21 Love Poems via the PayPal button on the right.

14 April 2012

21 Love Poems Mix Tape Release Party TONIGHT!

6:00 PM CST
Boneshaker Books
2002 23rd Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

28 March 2012

Now Available (Limited Release): 21 LOVE POEMS

Dear Friends,

Hell Yes Press is pleased to announce that 21 Love Poems is available in limited release. 21 Love Poems is an anthology of love poems on cassette, read to you by the poets themselves.

There are 2 ways to get this bad boy:

1. We're officially launching this anthology at the Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City, IA, on Saturday, March 31, as part of the Small Press and Literary Journal Book Fair (at the Mill, 120 E Burlington St). Come by the book fair between 11 AM and 4 PM.

If you can't make it to Mission Creek...

2. Come to our Minneapolis launch party in April. Details are forthcoming, but rest assured said details are rad.

If you can't make it to the Minneapolis launch...

3. Cassettes will then be for sale after the launch via our website, also in April, if we have not sold out already. The run is limited to 65 cassettes.

Purchase in any capacity includes a downloadable PDF chapbook of the anthology so you can read along as you listen to our contributors' voices. Contributors include:

Monica Wendel
Steven Karl
Dina Hardy
Scott Abels
Dustin Luke Nelson
Tyler Gobble
MC Hyland
Patrick Kiley
Elizabeth Spackman
David Bartone
Gregory Lawless
Ada Limón
Dan Rosenberg
Nick Sturm
Alexis Orgera
Matt Hart
Jess Grover
Ryan Collins
Adam Fell
Isaac Sullivan
Masin Persina

With artwork by the amazing Joseph Rizzo. Thank you to all of the people who made this possible.



It's a strange coincidence that Adrienne Rich died today--Hell Yes cribbed the title from her great poem, obviously.

31 January 2012

Love Poem Anthology--Submissions Closed

Thank you very much to everyone who sent us their voices and words! We'll be in touch very soon.

21 January 2012

Love Poem Anthology--Submission Deadline Extended

We're extending the deadline for submissions for our next project, an anthology of love poems on cassette, for another week, until Saturday, January 28.

We've got some really great work already, and we're excited to hopefully add your poems as well. Please contact us at hellyespress@gmail.com if you've any questions or concerns.

See the previous post below for details about how to submit (really, just email a recording of you reading and a copy of the text of your submission).

30 December 2011

Call for Submissions

Greetings from Hell Yes. We're reading submissions for our next project: an anthology of love poems on cassette.

Why love poems? Because they never go out of style. Your poems can be pro-, anti-, or ambivalent.

Why a cassette? Because we like art that makes you work a little bit. We like the idea of you scrounging up an old Walkman, sitting in your car, or going to the local library to listen to poets read their poems. In a time when we're all distracted, hopefully this slows us down.

The details: Email us a recording of you reading your poem(s) (via whatever options you have on your computer--e.g., GarageBand) and a copy of the text. We'll do the rest.

Soft deadline: January 16th. Then however long it takes to physically make them.

Send to: hellyespress@gmail.com

16 September 2011

11 March 2011

Mission Creek Festival, Small Press and Literary Journal Fair: Sat, April 3, 1:00 - 4:30

The small press and literary journal fair will start at 1:00 PM on Saturday, April 3rd. The event, which runs through 4:30 PM, will take place at The Mill (120 East Burlington Street, IC IA, 52245).

The publications you'll see on hand:

Granta Magazine
Iowa Review
MAKE Magazine
Rescue Press
Wag's Revue
Hell Yes Press
Defunct Magazine
Canarium Press
Flim Forum
Black Ocean Press
PANK Magazine
Further Adventures Press
Human 500
Lightful Press
Catenary Press
UI Center for the Book
Iowa Youth Writing Project
UNESCO City of Literature

Apparently there will also be free beer (!), courtesy of New Belgium Brewing, so come get a drink and see us with these other great presses. More info here.

Huge thanks to Joseph M. Tiefenthaler, Mission Creek's Literary Programming Coordinator.

20 February 2011

Mission Creek Festival: April 2-3, 2011: Iowa City, IA

Hell Yes Press has some roots in Iowa City, so we're happy to be returning there as part of the Mission Creek Festival. Brad Liening will be reading as part of a literary pub crawl (details forthcoming), and Hell Yes Press will participate in this:

New Belgium Brewery & Mission Creek Present: 2nd Annual Small Press and Literary Journal Book Fair. New Belgium's Iowa Ranger will be there to serve you fabulous beers from the New Belgium tap.

Click here for more details. And we'll keep you posted here with updates. Many thanks to Joe and the Mission Creek people for including us.

Changes at Hell Yes

Hello! Just a quick note:

Thanks for keeping tabs on us here at Hell Yes. We're going through a few changes around the office, but we're still here. Good things take time, and we believe in quality, not quantity. We'll be back to our operations soon, we think, and we thank you for your patience and interest.

13 October 2010

Hell Yes at Rain Taxi Twin Cities Book Festival

Come visit HYP at the Rain Taxi Twin Cities Book Festival!

We will have signed copies of books, 5 brand new, not yet published poems from Dobby Gibson to give away with purchase of his fine collaborative chapbook (w/ Matt Hart), Late Makeup Years and Decline (1979-1983), special book festival sale prices, and other surprises.

Please come out and say hello on Saturday.

1501 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN

Saturday, October 16, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Any and all additional information is available on Rain Taxi's website, right here. Hope to see you soon.

21 March 2010

Late Makeup Years and Decline (1979-1983): Dobby Gibson and Matt Hart: Now Available

Late Makeup Years and Decline (1979-1983)
Dobby Gibson and Matt Hart
72 pages
$15 donation PPD

This book is hand silkscreened (three colors) and assembled by hand for your order! The book is 7x7, printed on 70# paper, and bound by metal rings. It looks like this:

Ordering information can be found on the right side of the page. This is a limited edition of 150 copies.

Dobby Gibson is the author of Polar (Alice James Books, 2005), which won the Beatrice Hawley Award, and Skirmish (Graywolf Press, 2009). He lives in Minneapolis.

Matt Hart is the author of Who’s Who Vivid (Slope Editions, 2006) and YOU ARE MIST (Moor Books, forthcoming). He lives in Cincinnati.

07 September 2009

Are You There, God? It's Me, Whitney Houston: Brad Liening: Available Now


Are You There, God? It's Me, Whitney Houston. is a chapbook of poems and drawings. It's 32 pages, black-and-white, side-stapled twice in the very best zine tradition by a small band of dedicated peeps in it for the love of the game.


Are You There, God? It's Me, Whitney Houston. includes poems about, by, and for Whitney Houston, with special appearances by Bobby Brown and a few other people. It's sort of like an inquiry in the weird interstices that exist between celebrity and artistry, the public and the private, and us versus them, but in a way that's more awesome and fun than fussy.


Brad Liening.


There's a PayPal option on the right side of the page here, along with suggested donations. Wholesale rates on request. We'll send it to you PPD lickety-split.

The zine looks like this:

You can get an A/V taste of Are You There, God? It's Me, Whitney Houston. by clicking right here, and you can email us at hellyespress@gmail.com.

02 September 2009

Hell Yes